Welcome to Dunky's Diner

The coming about of Dunky’s Diner was not a vision. The only vision in the beginning was a small mom & pop Ice Cream Shop…but then things just began happening and one thing led to another…….

Dunky’s originally was going to just be a place to make & manufacture “Home Made Freshmade Cotton CandyIce Cream” with a small parlor and maybe some pies and cobblers. The vision was of a place to hang out – visit with someEspresso friends – enjoy some sweet sensations – and suck on some dang good coffee.


Assuming that by opening up in October we would likely begin writing a book by December about “How to Survive selling Ice Cream in Winter”. However we were amazed at the support of the community and the amount of ice cream we were selling in the cold weather.

Several friends and supporters suggested that we should offer soups & sandwiches for lunch. That made good sense and not much equipment was needed that we didn’t already have. So that began. But it is America……and, customers began asking for more sandwiches, soups and offerings….we gradually obliged and offered more.

Then soon several were asking when we were going to start flipping burgers. We had a Open Tacoflat top grill and a couple fryers in the kitchen so we began offering some quick order stuff and again – one thing led to another.

Dunky never did want a full scale restaurant and didn’t know that he wanted to commit to the long hours that it would entail. After much thought and prayer he turned it over to the man above.  “If you want us to have a restaurant, then send me sign or better yet a cook.”

Then sometime in January an Italian guy named Luigi walked in. We sucked on some espresso and visited the best we could with Dunky being hard of hearing and Luigi withItalian Torellini his broken English. Over the next several weeks he would come in every week and we would visit. Sometimes he would bring his pretty wife, Peggy. We learned a little about each other and he eventually asked for a job as a cook.

To shorten up the story he began cooking Italian food and the Diner was born. Luigi already had a following of people who loved his food and business began to boom rather quickly.

Dunky had a pipedream that we would test the market & our abilities with a “Candle Light Sweet Heart Dinner” for Valentine’s Day. We planned an Italian menu – put out a few ads- and asked for reservations. Valentine DinnerWithin 48 hours we were up to around 70 reservations & Luigi was speaking Italian at me – NO more, I can only cook so much food.  We lit the candles and served over 85 people that night.

So, once again, one thing has led to another. We’ve added more food items, printed our first menu’s in about April but we still adhere to the fact that our food (other than some of the frozen American comfort food) is all cooked fresh per order and our customers tell us they do surely appreciate it.

Future ?? Dunky loves his Ice Cream but he also loves a good steak & seafood.  So presently he is waiting on a sign or better yet a rotisseur” or master of steak to walk in the door….

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