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Coffee around the World, and then there’s Coffee in the Ozarks

As a coffee lover ALL my life, one of the first things that came to mind to go along with the Ice Cream, Pie and Cobblers in the beginning days of Dunky’s – was, of course Coffee !

I desperately wanted a coffee station with outstanding Coffee along with espressos, cappuccino’s, latte’s, frappes and so on. Could I become a barista – with maybe a touch of hillbilly flair ?

Firstly, in the research mode, I found a lot of inconsistencies in vocabulary from country to country and region to region. What’s called one thing in Australia is called something different in Europe, England, Japan and the US of A. One thing that seemed to jump out at me is that there are a lot of different coffee drinks and coffee shops tend to give them somewhat their own names…..Cool – we can do that too….. but I doubt that you will find a “Venti Iced Skinny Hazelnut Macchiato, Sugar-Free Syrup, Extra Shot, Light Ice, No Whip” in our little berg, sorry……..

Considering we are located in a small town in the Ozarks I didn’t feel we needed a wide range of beans….I wanted a good stout dark coffee that was strong but not bitter. I wanted to grind that bean fresh at every brew….I wanted an espresso machine that was bean to cup with a ton of robust flavor. Basically I wanted a good coffee that we could prepare in a lot of different ways. Something to complement our ice creams.

One day I discovered Affogato’s. In essence this is a shot of hot frothy espresso over a scoop of ice cream. So, we introduced them to Licking Missouri. And, I never dreamed that I would have customers coming up to me at the counter asking for an affogato…But we now do and it’s amazing. A shot of espresso over our Sea Salt Carmel ice cream is totally amazing. We make our Espresso Ice Cream using our own, in house, fresh brewed espresso…..when we run out people get right down upset with me. We also offer Chocolate covered espresso beans in both dark and milk chocolate……based on the repeat sales, I’m guessing they are somewhat addicting……

We do get complemented daily on our good coffee…..I think part of it is that we grind & brew on a pot basis and nothing ever sits on a warmer or burner….We use several brewers….one is a big Bunn that can put out 3 gallons in just a fuzz over a minute. The others are Air Pot Brewers which discharge directly into good quality air pots.

We use a 36% butterfat cream for making ice cream & we use that same cream for coffee creamer…..everyone just says, Wow………

Our bean of choice comes in a 5# vacuum sealed bag….we get 10# in a box.  My supplier say’s he only has 2 customers that buy that bean in Missouri….Us, in Licking MO and also Silver Dollar City.

Bottom line is we make an awesome pot of coffee that is fresh ground from a superb bean and it never, never sits on a warmer or burner….never !!

I’ve discovered that many of our ice cream flavorings also make awesome coffee drinks…..the more I experiment the more I realize:

if you can dream it – we can make it……just ask !!

Meanwhile in Licking –if you order a “Grande, Quad, Nonfat, One-Pump, No-Whip, Mocha”  you are probably going to get 4 shots of espresso w a squirt of cream + 2 squirts of chocolate syrup and you’ll most likely love it.

Biting my Dunky in Licking…………

Article by: Gary Duncan, August 2018

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