The Artwork and Gallery at Dunky’s Ice Cream & Diner

The dining area’s at Dunky’s also serve as wall space for his Art Gallery. There is virtually not a table in the place that you will not enjoy an expansive view of his artwork.  Usually there are around 40 paintings on display for your viewing pleasure and for purchase.

As Gary says— “At this point in my life (not to shortchange my wife, Jackie) but he has two passions. One is making Ice Cream and the other is making Art”.  So Old Iron in Farm Windowthis is working out nicely for both!


….Gary is a self taught artist and painted his first canvas in about 1990 at age 40. He had his first Art Show in 1992. Though referring to himself as self taught, he readily admits that during the 90’s he attended numerous workshops with other artists whom he admired. As a result of that he says he has obviously been influenced and in a good way. Initially he labored at detail with small brushes in his landscapes and has gradually evolved to using larger brushes and bolder brush stokes to create an illusion of detail. He also adds that he still has a good stock of # 1, #2 script liners when needed. His philosophy on making art is summed up by an Andy Warhol quote: “Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art”. An avid outdoorsman all his life, Gary appreciates the natural Landscape and all its flora & fauna. He lived in the Western US as a younger man enjoying many extended back country adventures with backpack. He now lives in the South Central Ozarks of Missouri. He Steel Creek Artpaints on location and in his studio, constantly inspired by our natural world. Oil painting is his number one passion but he also makes rustic furniture, which he calls ‘functional art’ and also makes baskets. He says it’s a nice combination adding that if he does reach an eye weary point at the easel he can always go whack on some wood !

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